Office Chair Mats

Ensure that your floors are protected with our convenient chair mats, which slide underneath the desk or worktable. They also make a great addition to entryways and reception areas, which are no stranger to wear and tear. All mats are sturdy, durable and designed to withstand heavy use, making them the perfect choice for keeping your floors clean and free of blemishes or scratching. We have options that will look great on any type of floor, from carpet to office mats for tile floors, and we can help you to select a shape and backing that will meet your needs with ease.

You might have avoided chair mats in the past for fear of ruining your décor, but our range of colours and finishes (including clear plastic) will ensure that your décor is complemented at every turn. Whether you need a mat for an individual workspace or a whole area, we have a solution to match. You also won’t have to worry about hindering the use of chairs, as the castors will just roll straight over the top.

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How do I choose the right office chair mat for my workplace?

Choosing the right sort of mat for the floor in question is essential in ensuring its protection. We have many types available:


Some carpets, particularly thicker varieties, can really hinder the use of chairs with wheels. An office chair mat for carpet can help chairs to move smoothly, preventing the castors from becoming stuck. A gripper back will be the best choice, as they feature tiny spikes that grip the carpet to hold the mat in place.


It is not uncommon for furniture and even shoes to leave scratches on the sensitive hardwood surface. A chair mat for hardwood surfaces can help to prevent this sort of damage from occurring, keeping the floor underneath pristine. A smooth back is preferable, as it will adhere to the floor.

Anti fatigue

When employees stand on hard surfaces for extended periods, they are prone to developing foot, leg and back strain. The use of anti fatigue mats will help to avoid these sorts of health issues through the provision of padding. It’s also a good idea to look for anti-slip designs to prevent accidents.

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