Ensure that those in your workplace or classroom can communicate their ideas clearly with interactive whiteboards. They offer a large, blank surface that is suitable for jotting down notes, diagrams and schedules. We have a range of dry erase boards to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your application.

Although blackboards were once the surface of choice, these are few and far between today. This is because most people have recognised how easy to use whiteboards are, not to mention easy to clean. Order whiteboards online with Topaz and we will deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

There are a variety of surfaces to choose from, although porcelain whiteboards and ceramic whiteboards tend to be the most popular. Magnetic whiteboards are also available, so they can be used for even more purposes in the workplace or classroom. We can also supply electronic whiteboards in Australia, allowing you to control the board from your computer and save or even print the screen.

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Why are whiteboards better than blackboards?

There are plenty of reasons why whiteboards are preferable to blackboards in this day and age. They include:


The crisp, white writing surfaces offered by the best whiteboards for office use contrasts dramatically with almost any ink colour, allowing you to use different markers in order to better organise the information. Whilst coloured chalk is available for blackboards, it doesn’t contrast nearly as well as white.


As they are made from heavy duty materials, including steel to glass whiteboards, you can rest assured that they’ll last well into the future. The surfaces and frames are difficult to scratch, dent and otherwise mark. They also wipe clean easily, ensuring that they’re ready for the next use. Porcelain whiteboards are the most durable for commercial applications. A ceramic board is for light residential use only.


Whether you choose to have a mobile whiteboard so that it can be moved around with ease or to have it mounted to the wall of your classroom, you can have faith in its construction. Those mounted on the wall won’t cause any undue stress or damage, making them ideal for rental spaces.

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