Acrylic Dividing Screens

Acrylic Dividing Screens

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Acrylic Diving Screens 

Return to work safer with our Workstation Acrylic Dividing Screens! Thicker than others on the market, these screens are extremely durable at 8mm thick. Multiple Sizes Available. 


  • Thicker than standard currently on the market – 8mm thick
  • Taller than current standard on the market – 600mm tall
  • Free standing option – no need to drill holes in the desk, so they can remove the screens when the pandemic ends
  • Desk mounted, Side mounted and Back to back mounted clamp options
  • 4 Sizes available
  • 5 Year Warranty 


Standard size options:

1780mm W x 600mm H x 8mm 
1480mm W x 600mm H x 8mm
1180mm W x 600mm H x 8mm
690mm W x 600mm H x 8mm

Brackets Available 

Acrylic Free Standing Feet
Desk Mount Clamps
Side Mount Clamps
Back to Back Mount Clamps 

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