Activity Based Workstations


What is activity based working (ABW)? Basically, it’s a strategy that provides a choice of settings when it comes to performing tasks. Instead of confining them to a single workstation, employees are given the freedom to select a setting that is suitable for the task at hand. The strategy allows for intense and focused work, spontaneous meeting spaces and formal meeting rooms.

It is important to note that this is not a hot desking program, although they do have similar philosophies. ABW focuses on the experience that an employee has in the office environment. Topaz can help you to establish an activity based workspace in working offices across Australia, including: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

Let’s face it – our days are filled with tasks that we need to complete. The type of attention required by each of these tasks can differ – sometimes we need to think creatively, sometimes we need to collaborate, and sometimes we can tune out whilst completing mundane chores. Activity based work allows you to select a room or area based on the task you’re about to do.

What are the benefits of activity based working?

ABW actually offers a number of benefits for both employees and employers. These include:


This strategy can actually mean that you require fewer desks, meaning that you can save some cash on furniture purchases. It can also means that you need a smaller office, which can present significant cost savings (including rent, utility bills and even maintenance).


Giving employees the freedom to work anywhere, anytime can encourage them to be more productive. If they need peace and quiet to concentrate, they can use a specially designed ‘hush space’; if they need to collaborate with coworkers, they can use the designated meeting areas.

Health &

When we spend a greater part of the day sitting, we will be more at risk of developing serious health problems (such as heart disease and diabetes). Activity based workstations are actually designed to encourage movement, health and general wellbeing around the office.


The introduction of an activity based workplace design can actually help businesses to build trust with their employees. Employees will feel a greater sense of ownership for their work and, if they feel more valued, they’re more likely to engage with their work.

Recruitment &

These days, new talent is increasingly attracted to flexible ways of working – so if you’re planning to hire new staff, activity based furniture can be a real draw card. Likewise, existing employees are more likely to stay if they feel that the workplace meets their needs.


This sort of strategy can help your business as a whole to be more innovative – you’re providing your employees with a variety of spaces in which to think, so they’re likely to produce a whole host of new ideas. After all, activity based office design is all about flexibility.

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