Narrowing down your coffee table ideas can be tough. The coffee table is the community centre of your breakout space. It’s where the action happens, where things assemble: books, magazines, coffee cups on coasters, and plates of appetizers. Guests will sit around your coffee table even if that means sitting on the floor. With all that responsibility, how do you pick the right piece?

First, ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a conversation piece, or a sturdy workhorse? Is the room’s vibe classic, modern, or somewhere in between? By choosing materials and pieces that are functional, and that reflect your sense of personal style. With that in mind, we’ve picked some coffee table ideas help you find the one that suits your needs, your space, and your style.


The ideal coffee table for a small space is versatile and efficient, combining a minimal footprint with maximum tabletop space.

A set of nesting tables, such as the Edison Coffee Table, is a good solution. They’re there for when you need a place to put your laptop and your ramen noodles without disrupting your main display. If you’re hosting a function, having an extra table or two makes it easy to share snacks and create small gathering areas around which your guests can congregate.

The Edison Coffee Table - Walnut Top


Clean, airy lines are key for a space that feels light and easy. These coffee table ideas focus on architecture and texture: think sharp lines, glossy finishes, and interesting character. The Zoni table, for example, features marble’s classic texture in an accessible, modern style.

Mirrored or glass-topped coffee tables can help a smaller minimalists’ space feel open and light. Try the Ivon: the white top keeps your space tidy, is easy to clean, and shows off a bold, attention-grabbing geometric base. 


If you like attention, just admit it. A bold piece can elevate an otherwise simple decor into something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s also very fun.

The Monika Coffee Table features heavy duty metal legs in a bold black powder coated finish, gorgeous natural hairline splits on marble top which are sealed to display the natural characteristics. A sleek all-black palette allow easy styling to complement an array of decors. 

Monika Coffee Table 


Books communicate a lot about a person, so the table you choose to stack your collection on is a style choice as much as a functional one. Here’s a coffee table idea that can both display and conceal: show off your style, but hide your unread magazines.

The Charlottle coffee table provides plenty of room as well as a display shelf  to help you organize. This is a great choice for large and small rooms alike: it’s the right size to tie together a more spread-out room but can also work in compact spaces. If your coffee table moonlights as a dinner table, you’ll also appreciate its easy-to-clean lacquered top.

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