As we evolve at a breakneck pace, life is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. What was once traditional is now entering the era of convergence, changing the way we live and think, inspiring us to be innovative.

The trend is to be able to adapt to modern and contemporary ways of doing things. One way to look at it, is to have forward-thinking space in offices which in this case, has already landed for most companies to incorporate them. One that is dynamic, without privacy, but useful in so many ways – it encourages employees to create better work relationships in any team.


The lack of walls and not having physical barriers in open-plan office spaces just make it all the easier for staff to interact with each other. This creates a better sense of camaraderie among staff as well as with your superiors – it further strengthens the bond and teamwork. You don’t have to knock on doors or schedule a formal meeting just to meet your superior as the environment is different – laidback, cosier, friendlier and informal instead of a closed environment.

At the same time, an open-plan layout can benefit the business economically by setting up workstations – this helps to reduce the overall cost on construction, utilities, and office equipment. Fewer walls with fewer partitions means less materials and time required to set up the office space.


Often, open plan offices provide you with the flexibility of space. It’s so much more convenient to move tables and chairs around, should there be a time you’ll need to rearrange your office seating arrangement layout. This provides you with more options on the different modes of working to suit the workforce of your business.

That’s not all. Supervisors or managers can have better supervision and interaction with their team members as all of them are seated within the same area. Decision making and problem solving can also be done a lot faster to speed up the process as everyone is in a centralised area – discussions are always happening with regular contact between your team members.

And, what better way to save when it comes to paying bills that are half of the amount on amenities such as air-conditioning and electricity? Open space offices are just more economical with a centralised area being heated or cooled and lighted, in comparison to several other rooms – each having to be heated or cooled separately. Therefore, less capital is invested.

Just like everything else, we are bound to have downsides, be it small or big. We’re not going to deny that, although being in an open office is great, it can affect productivity at times. To get around that, you might implement a policy that when people have their headphones on, it’s a rule or code for “Do Not Disturb”, and in some cases, you can grant permission to your staff to work from home when they need to work undisturbed.

Despite it all, the trend of open office space, seems to be in the now and is most likely here to stay. Contact Topaz Furniture about our Valesko Workstation Range to start your upgrade today! 

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