Acoustics in the working office are an all round important issue that needs to be addressed. Here’s why:

60% of employees in open plan offices say that noise from human activity is the single most disturbing factor.

The design of the office has changed immensely over the last 50 years, and no doubt is continuing to change every day.


Modern offices now include spaces dedicated for collaborative work, involving small huddle spaces for conferences or informal group interaction and discussion. This creates high levels of noise which will undoubtedly travel across the room and distract other employees.

Therefore, if an office lacks any proper noise reduction techniques, work productivity will suffer.

Noise Pollution is defined as noise that is either continuous or intermittent and affects the comfort or quality of life for a person of normal auditory sensitivity. Noise is used to represent any sound that may have an impact on employee health, comfort and productivity.

The aim of the game is to not create a silent environment, but rather ambient noise, as it has been proven to be essential for creativity. However, everyone has different needs, so you will come across the employee who works best in a completely silent surrounding. In most offices, meeting a balance between the noise and silence provides the best possible working environment and can be achieved through various stylish methods. 

Acoustic Wall Applications – HUSH PADS

A strikingly modern and innovative way of controlling the noise in your offices, the Hush Pads provide as a more interesting method then the standard acoustic ceiling tiles.  The Hush Pad collection not only makes for a playful, attractive look, it also stops waves effectively, thereby improving the rooms acoustics.

The hush pad panels are upholstered in 100% virgin wool, delivering efficient sound absorbing properties and 85% sound wave diffusion.

The panels can be secured on the wall, hinged from the ceiling or used as freestanding privacy screens.


Carpet is known as a natural noise reducer not only because of the padding underneath but also because of the looping in the weave pattern which helps to trap noise. 

Carpet tiles are a popular flooring solution for offices thanks to their durability and acoustic qualities, but they are also an excellent way to add some style. Whether you opt for a few brightly coloured single tiles to lift the room or go for a bold design that makes a real statement, carpet tiles can play a big part in setting the mood and atmosphere of a building.

Benefits of controlling the acoustics in a working environment are obvious – a quiet room allows people to focus, raising productivity.


Acoustic Workplace Screens

Modern workstations such as the Tundra Range by Topaz Furniture, are starting to offer stylish and adaptive acoustic screens. Being upholstered in Wool, the Tundra can enhance your acoustic comfort with personalised screens available in different stitching and colours.

Nonetheless, investing in acoustic controlling methods also act as a stylish addition to the space, as they allow for a way to reenergise and revigorated the room. When your team feels good walking into the office every morning it becomes a place they want to be.

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By: Teagan Sangster