Banquette Seating

For a more permanent and family-style arrangement, banquet seating could be just what you have been looking for. Although this style of seating was traditionally found in restaurants and other eateries, it has actually begun to gain popularity in the home and workplace. Booth seats are the perfect place to enjoy a meal or to congregate with your coworkers. Although restaurant booth seating in Australia is traditionally built into the space, we do have options that can be moved should you completely revamp the space or even move locations. We also offer banquette seating with storage, allowing you to hide unneeded items in a functional and attractive manner.

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How can I incorporate banquette seating?

There are actually a number of ways that you can use dining banquettes in your home or office, including:


One of the most popular places to install banquet seats is in the kitchen, as it helps to create more of a cosy family environment. They can also help you to do away with the hassle of individual chairs, allowing you to fit as many people as needed onto the bench and still have table access.


Whether you’re looking for a unique dining setting for the home or you want to squeeze in as many patrons as possible in your eatery, banquette dining sets are the ideal solution. Individual chairs have a tendency to make the space look cluttered, particularly if they haven’t been pushed in properly.


Many people don’t realise that banquette furniture can also be used for relaxation. They are the perfect addition in front of a window, as it enables you to sit right next to the glass and take in the view. They can also be used to form rows of comfortable and private seating in a reception.

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