Mesh Office Chairs

Known as one of the most popular seating options on the market, modern mesh chairs are so trendy because they allow the body to breathe and maintain a normal temperature throughout the working day. Normal chairs (with a fabric or leather backrest) don’t allow the air to circulate, sometimes causing our bodies to overheat. This can lead to discomfort whilst at work. On top of this, mesh back office chairs provide fantastic ergonomic support and include all of the necessary adjustable features (such as lumbar support and adjustable arms). This is because the mesh moulds to the contours of our backs, ensuring that we are correctly supported throughout the working day. They are the ideal solutions for those who spend a large amount of the day seated.

What are the benefits of mesh chairs?

There are a number of reasons why people prefer mesh office seating to other options. These include:


One of the key benefits of mesh desk chairs is the ventilation that they provide. The mesh design on the backrest enables airflow, helping to keep you cool as you work (particularly in summer). Fully upholstered chairs trap the heat coming off our bodies, causing us to sweat.


It might be difficult to believe, but the mesh backs of breathable chairs are actually quite durable. The fabric is woven tightly and, as a result, is very strong – it will take years to wear down. The rest of the mesh back chair is often comprised of rigid plastics or metal frames, which add to this durability.


Another important benefit of ergonomic mesh office chairs in Australia is the support they provide those sitting in them. Most of them are ergonomically shaped and are equipped with adjustable features that provide much needed back, neck and lumbar support. Our natural posture will also be fostered.

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