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Did you know that counter stools can be incredibly useful in the home, workplace and classroom? The right stool can completely change your space with its combination of style and functionality. They create a focal point within the space and provide a place to sit, eat and discuss. We search high and low to find the very best metal and wooden stools on the market, both in terms of price and functionality. One of the most popular locations for stools is the kitchen, as they can be drawn up to the counter and allow you to sit at the appropriate height (unlike other chairs, which place you too low). They’re also favoured amongst children, who enjoy being able to sit however they like without the back hindering them. Stools have myriad uses around the home and workplace.

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What are the benefits of stools?

If you are wondering why you should purchase kitchen counter stools and chairs online, there are plenty of benefits:

Easily fitunderneath surfaces

One of the main draws of kitchen bar stools is that they can be easily slotted underneath surfaces, from counters to tables. This means that they can be hidden away when not in use, keeping the walkway clear and avoiding the trip hazards that other types of chair pose.

Raise you to the appropriate height

Have you ever wanted to sit at a bench or other surface that is simply too high for a normal chair? Breakfast bar stools are the ideal solution, as they are either designed to be taller than normal or they feature a height adjustable mechanism. Sit down whilst you prepare a snack!

Easily moved between areas

Finally, the compact size of a kitchen stool makes it easy to move between areas of the home, workplace or school. You won’t have to struggle under the weight of an armchair or bulky computer chair – you simply lift the stool up and move it to whatever location you desire.

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