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    We can provide you with a range of seating solutions that meet needs across the workplace, including auditorium and lecture chairs (which feature either a permanent or movable tablet tray for note taking). Our range also covers training chairs, which are designed to be easily stacked away when not in use. We understand that storage is a primary concern for many workplaces and seek to minimise the space required wherever possible. All of the lecture, training and auditorium chairs in our range are constructed using the highest quality materials available and feature attractive designs that are suitable for the modern or contemporary workplace. We have chairs with arms and without arms, as well as training room chairs with wheels for mobility.

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    How to choose the right training room chairs?

    To ensure that you’re equipped with the best chairs for training rooms, there are a number of factors to consider. They include:

    Long lasting
    and durable

    It is likely that these chairs will receive a bit of a beating – they’ll be stacked and unstacked regularly, they’ll be ferried between rooms, and they’ll support the weight of people (plus all their possessions). As such, you need to ensure that you’ve chosen a durable and long lasting option.


    Think about how you plan to use your training room – if people will regularly need to take notes, chairs with tablet arms are a must; if everyone will be arranged in rows, beam or interconnecting chairs might be useful; and if sessions are likely to be long, comfortable padding is essential.

    Colour and style
    for creativity

    Rows upon rows of boring chairs are going to set the wrong tone for the session and drab décor can even have a negative impact on attendees. Instead, you need to make sure that the chairs are stylish and comfortable. This will make attendees happy and creative.

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