Tub Chairs

Soft seating offers many uses and can be placed in various locations in the workplace, from the reception area and meeting space through to breakout areas and the lunchroom. We have a wide range of soft chair models to choose from, including lounges, armchairs and soft seating benches. Most options are available in high quality wool fabrics and luxurious leathers.


What sorts of soft seating are available?

We have a wide range of soft seating office furniture solutions to choose from, allowing you to create a comfortable workplace.

Lounge & armchairs

Breakout seating offers a more private seating position and can be easily dotted around the workplace. Singular breakout chairs can be arranged in a circle to form an impromptu meeting area, for example, or they can be used independently with a table as a workspace.


These sorts of chairs offer a larger sitting area for relaxation, work or informal conversations. Also known as couches, waiting room or reception seating, they are also found in breakout rooms and even managerial offices. They are available in various sizes, from two seater through to five or more seaters.

Acoustic & modular

Soft seating furniture with high backs is perfect for increasing privacy in the workplace, allowing phone calls and conversations to take place in relative quiet without the need for a meeting room. Modular soft office chairs can be reconfigured at will to suit the spatial and functional requirements of the space.

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