Visitors Chairs

Occasionally, visitor and employee meetings will occur in offices as opposed to the meeting room. In these situations, it is important to ensure you have supplied adequate office guest chairs (generally, enough to accommodate two people) with the correct comfort for the application. You don’t want to be running around the office looking for a chair when you could be getting down to business.Most of the visitors chairs in our range are compact enough to be stacked away into a corner when not in use whilst providing comfortable seating. Many of our options are also available in bold colours to help inject some personality into the space. We can help you to select waiting room chairs that will best meet the needs of your office, as well as fit into the space seamlessly.

What sorts of visitors chairs are available?

We have a wide range of stylish visitors chairs online, ensuring the best match for your individual office. They include:

and faux leather

Those in an executive position might prefer office guest chairs in leather or even faux leather so that the seating will complement the rest of their décor. This material can work well in workplaces of all styles, from the ultra conservative through to the hip and contemporary, depending on the design of the chair.

and mesh

For a uniform and pleasing appearance, durable fabric visitor chairs or even mesh visitors chairs could be the ideal choice. Add a pop of colour or inject some personality with a bold print. Sticking with a more neutral colour palette will appeal to more conservative workplaces.

for maneuverability

We also offer modern office guest chairs with castors, ensuring that they can be moved around with ease. This provides users with the convenience of being able to roll right up to the desk or push away from it easily. They’re also great if the chairs are used elsewhere around the office.

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