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At some stage, everyone requires a commercial desk or office table of some kind – whether they need a surface for sketching beautiful designs or a means of keeping their computer screen at the appropriate heightWe provide a range of office furniture desks online that are designed to meet your individual needs perfectly, from height adjustable through to corner desk office furniture.

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Functional and stylish, all in one

When choosing office desks for your workplace, we understand that a sense of style and functionality are imperative. We provide options that offer ample space for performing daily duties. The functionality can be further increased with the selection of desks with shelves and drawers, as well as other items of matching furniture. Choose between white, black, veneer and timber desks.


Range specially designed for executives

We also understand that having an influential position within a company, such as manager or even CEO, requires furniture that reflects a certain image. We supply a wide range of executive desks that are designed specifically for this purpose and provide you with the sleek, professional appearance that your profession demands. We also supply a range of accompanying pieces for each range.


Range specially designed for computers

If you want to buy computer desks in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. We can supply a number of options that are specifically designed for use with computers or laptops, ensuring that the screen is placed at eye level and that you have plenty of room for all those other appliances (including telephones, printers, scanners and even computer towers).


Systems for unusual or shared spaces

Topaz also specialise in the provision of solutions that are designed for unusually shaped or shared working environments. We provide a range of adjoining, corner and modern office desks for small spaces, which can be left open to each other or separated with half-height partitions. These systems are generally placed in the open as opposed to against a wall for more efficient space use.

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