Corner Desks

When it comes to maximising space in your workplace, corner desks are both stylish in appearance and highly functional – making them the ideal solution. Not only will corner study desks ensure that you have ample room to complete daily tasks, it will ensure that you aren’t taking up every inch of available space. Also known as L-shaped desks, small corner desks for home offices and corporate offices are designed to fit perfectly into the corner of a room. Many people also place them with one side against a wall and the other jutting out into the room, or in the middle of the space completely – the ideal placement will depend entirely on your needs and available space. The end result is ample tabletop surface for writing, sketching and typing.

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What are the benefits of corner desks?

You can receive a number of benefits from the use of corner desks in Australia. These include:

table space

Whilst a rectangular desk offers space, the user has less room to lean, stretch or even move the seat in order to make the most of it. A corner desk can help to eliminate these problems by allowing easy access to papers, printers, scanners and so on either side of the monitor.

Less chance
of glare

The design of white corner desks situates a computer monitor so that it always faces the opposite corner of the room. As it is rarely placed parallel or perpendicular to any of the walls, there is very little chance of a window causing excessive glare (which has been known to cause eye fatigue and headaches).

Much more
foot room

Instead of having the width of the desk as foot room, you’ll be able to make use of the whole corner. If you don’t place your monitor in the corner, the large gap underneath corner computer desks can be used to store larger equipment (such as towers, network attached storage and cables).

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