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A relatively recent phenomenon, hot desking basically means that, instead of part time or mobile employees being given their own personal desk they share a limited number of communal workstations. It is common in workplaces where employees might work from home most of the time but are required to be in the office once a week or a few times a month.Topaz provides hot desking solutions that ensure these communal workstations will work for a variety of employees instead of just a single employee. Each unit offers a sense of privacy balanced with an openness that won’t make them feel constrained in a tight space. Available in numerous colour combinations, our hot desking office furniture can be made to blend in or stand out however you choose. Our range from Fracas specialises in acoustic comfort, controlling noise and promoting productivity.

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What are the benefits of using hot desks & workstations?

Employees and employers who only work from the office occasionally will enjoy many hot desking benefits. These include:


It might only be a brief encounter, but hotdesking can actually give employees a chance to meet coworkers that they might not otherwise. This can lead to a more social workplace culture, as well as helping them to forge personal connections that can benefit across departments.


With so many employees working from home, on the move or from another location, hot desking sometimes really makes sense. Why give someone a desk that will only be used twice a month? This is a practice that is tailored for offices and employees that are flexible and mobile.


Adopting a hot desk office can help you to save space and, by extension, save money. You won’t need to purchase as many workstations and you may not need to lease as big an office space. Ideally, you’ll take the money you have saved and invest it back into the business.

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