Reception Counter Desks

It is essential that reception desks are welcoming to any approaching visitors and that they’re functional for your employees. We can help you to strike the perfect balance between the two with our range of reception desks in Australia. At Topaz, we have endless options when it comes to reception desk furniture, from standard through to customised options to ensure that your décor is complemented perfectly. 

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Why are reception desks so important for the workplace?

Many people fail to consider why these desks are so important for the workplace – the top reasons include:

Sufficient storage

The most effective receptionist desks are those that provide employees with ample storage. Receptionists are often required to access hundreds of files and other stationary items – but having them lying around can make the space appear messy. Having them hidden away from view is a must.


When selecting custom reception desks, ensure that they really emphasise the prestige and professionalism of your business. If you’re a new and hip company, for example, a contemporary reception desk will be the best match. The design should reflect the stature of your business and your brand.

Eye catching

In most cases, small or large reception desks should cover most of the entrance area to your premises – but there should be ample room for employees and visitors to move around, as well as space for seating. In other words, the desk should be the primary feature of the space without dominating it.

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