Topaz Environmental & Ethical Policy


Australian Made

Topaz Furniture sources its range from suppliers both in Australia and abroard. While not our entire range is from Australian businesses we do make sure to support local manufaturers and businesses and to maintain a certain level of Australian produced products on hand. This is part of our initative to support Australian jobs and local industry.

Environmental Impact

Topaz ensures that on each project there is minimal environmental impact from business operations. This is ensured through established protocol operations designed to negate any scenario which might cause environmental harm of any kind. This is in the areas of mainly waste management and managing dangerous goods and substances. Both of which are possible scenarios during an office fitout. More detail on these are described below;

Waste Management

ð Emissions - (Hazardous Substances) - Topaz undertakes to ensure that any commercial substance used will not be discharged into surface or groundwater.

ð Air Quality - Topaz complies with all emission limits of the state EPA. All vehicles belonging to Topaz or their subcontractors will have installed pollution minimisation devices, maintained and repaired so the devices comply with prescribed standards or maximum permissible concentrations of emissions.

ð Noise Pollution - Topaz and their subcontractors will undertake plant risk assessments, including noise management, prior to moving any mobile plant or equipment onto site.

ð Waste Management - Topaz will ensure all waste is managed in accordance with the Industrial Waste Management Policy for Prescribed Industrial Waste.

ð Recycling and Reuse - Topaz will not reuse, recycle, use as a source of energy, store, transport, treat or reprocess waste in any way or form that may result in an unfavourable environmental impact.

Ethical Leadership

Topaz Furniture exercises responsible leadership and fair trading to all partners, suppliers, affiliates. Topaz employees and contractors all act with transparency, honesty and integrity.

Legal & OH&S Infrastructure

Topaz operates ethically and legally within all areas of Australian Law. We ensure to complete our due dilligance with respect to our partners, suppliers and affiliates. To ensure a safe and legal working environment.