Height Adjustable Workstations


workstations and desks in a modern office 

How do you know if you or your employees could benefit from height adjustable workstations? They are recommended for anyone who experiences pain or discomfort after sitting for 30 minutes (or less) and for those who spend the majority of the working day confined to their desk. Every now and then, take a break from sitting and work from a standing position.

Topaz offers both manual (operated via crank handle) and electric workstations (operated via remote control or buttons). We service all of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart.

What are the benefits of height adjustable workstations?

A number of health benefits are associated with these workstations; the main ones include:

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

When sitting, our muscles burn less fat and our blood flows slower. This can allow fatty acids to clog the arteries in the heart, resulting in high blood pressure and cholesterol (which can eventually result in heart disease). By standing more often, our blood will keep pumping properly.

Less Muscle Problems

Both sitting and standing for long periods can cause muscle problems – sitting lets the muscles in our legs ‘shut off’, whilst standing causes them to be constantly contracted. Manual or electric height adjustable workstations can help you to strike a perfect balance between sitting and standing.

Improved Brain Activity

When sitting, the amount of fresh blood and oxygen being pumped around our bodies is decreased. This results in a lapse in the production of brain and mood enhancing chemicals that we need to stay alert, allowing tiredness to set in (even if you’re not tired). Regularly standing keeps these chemicals in production.

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