Open Plan Workstations


Have you noticed that the physical landscape of today’s workplace is changing? This has been in response to changing demographics, evolving technologies and a shift towards 'distributed work' (which combines individual focus with group collaboration). This is where the open plan workstation comes into play – it helps to support all of these changes, and more.

Take advantage of our Australia wide delivery service, ensuring that your Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra or Hobart workplace can support both individual and team working styles. Topaz supplies a range of open office furniture – including multipurpose seating, open office desks and accessories – to ensure that all your bases are covered.

In some workplaces, a complete open plan office design may not be the best fit for a number of reasons. But how do you handle situations when your employees do need to work together or collaborate on ideas? This is where open workstations are the answer – they provide your employees with their own space in which to work, but they aren’t completely separated from each other.

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What collaborative environments can we provide
open plan systems for?

Topaz can provide open plan office workstations to suit a variety of environments. These include:


Concentrating on our work without being isolated from our coworkers can be a difficult task. If this is the type of layout that you require, we can help you to make it happen with our range of cubicle furniture – speak to us on the best option to lay it out.


With collaboration continuing to increase in importance and frequency, our open plan office desks can provide solutions for both planned and spontaneous teamwork. Freestanding furniture and moveable screens enable your team to reconfigure their space as required.


Larger groups may require collaborative spaces that are woven into the fabric of the office, enabling the team to work without leaving their primary work spaces. A ‘big table’ open office workstation design encourages frequent communication because everyone is visible to each other.

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