Original Bentwood Vienna Chair - Natural

Original Bentwood Vienna Chair - Natural

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Original Bentwood Vienna 18 Chair - Thonet Designed

The original Michael Thonet designed No.18 bentwood chair has a rich European tradition and is thought of by many as the quintessential Viennese café chair and dining chair. The Thonet No.18, also commonly called the Vienna Café chair, was produced by Michael Thonet and Sons. Michael Thonet was a German cabinet maker who pioneered the use of bentwood furniture design. Thonet began experimenting with the new forms in the 1830s.

Using steam to make the wood more pliable, Thonet would use one piece of wood to create the chair’s back rest and back legs, then add a seat and front legs. This structure has become the very standard of what we call a bentwood chair, influencing the designs of every bentwood chair that came after it.

Our original Vienna Café chair designed by Michael Thonet is constructed from Beech wood and is featured here in a warm finish. The timber seat of our Michael Thonet No.18 original is embossed with a beautiful, subtle starburst pattern like a Japanese sun. This beautiful seat detail adds a distinctive, custom feel to an already stunning chair. Our Michael Thonet designed No.18 original chair is incredibly durable making our Vienna Café chair suitable for both commercial and residential use. 

The unique wood bending technique was originated in the 19th century by Michael Thonet. For over a century now, we have carried on with this amazing craft, creating timeless furniture for generations to come. We act with respect to people and nature around us

If you take the time to admire you will notice that each product is unique using many actual pieces of European Beechwood. Based on the nature of natural wood inconsistencies in grain, joins, colour, texture and shape deserve appreciation like strokes on a painting or sculpture.


  • European Beech timber bentwood
  • Michael Thonet Design
  • Strong Design
  • 12 Month Warranty


Warranty 1 Year
Seat Width 410 mm
Seat Height 460 mm
Height  880 mm

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