Office Storage Cabinets

No one wants to work in a cluttered office – seeing piles of unorganised papers and unused equipment can actually have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity. Whether you need to organise files, books, equipment or even spare stationary supplies, ensuring that you have the right storage solutions is a must.

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Comprehensive range of solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of specialised office storage furniture, including: mobile filing cabinets, mobile storage, mobile pedestals, lateral storage units, tambour door storage, caddy units, hinge door cupboards, metal lockers and storewalls. When your existing office furniture storage solutions are no longer up to par – does that overflowing cabinet sound familiar? – we have the solution.


Combine solutions for your perfect match

No matter what the needs of your employees or workplace are, Topaz is sure to have a solution that meets them entirely. We can even combine office storage furniture online (file cabinets and storewalls are a popular combination for maximum storage) to ensure that there is a place for everything and that everything has a place. Eliminate mess before it has a chance to appear.


Solutions to complement your furniture

Our home office storage solutions are available in a range of colours, styles and designs, allowing us to match them to your existing or new furniture purchase. We understand that efficient storage is important, but we also understand that a complementary workplace is the goal. If you are updating your entire office suite, we are sure to have metal storage cabinets and cube storage furniture to match.


Assistance from our expert staff

Topaz’s expert team is committed to helping you make the right choice in home, office or school storage cabinets. We base our advice on your current space, business needs and planned expansions, ensuring that you receive the perfect match for your workplace. A clean and tidy workspace is essential for employee productivity and in maintaining the reputation of your company.

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