Office Tables

Common and collaborative business tables placed within the workstation area for gathering great ideas are becoming very popular. At Topaz we are finding an increased interest for standing tables and coffee tables as a point of difference in the workspace. These areas provide a relaxed area for the staff to gather rather than in a conventional meeting room. 

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Variety of table shapes and sizes

We offer office tables in an array of shapes and sizes, ensuring that you’re able to choose one that complements your workplace as well as meets your needs with ease. Choose from rectangular, square, round and oval – no matter the space you have to work with, we are sure to have a solution to match.


Modern offiec tables specially designed for visitors

A visitor forming a favourable first impression of your business is an essential component for ensuring that they continue to use your services in the future. We supply a range of options that are designed to give the visitor areas of your workplace a professional appearance, including modern coffee tables and boardroom tables.


Employee centric office tables 

It’s important to keep in mind that your employees may not spend all day seated at their desk, so ensuring that they have access to functional and suitable tables within your fitout is a must. Speak with us today in how we can design your layout to improve your staff productivity.


Quality and long lasting materials

All of the materials that are used in the manufacture of our business office tables have been selected for their high quality, strength and durability – you can rest assured that they will stand up under heavy use and continue to provide your workplace with years of uninterrupted use.

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