Boardroom Tables

Making a great first impression on visitors and clients comes down to the furniture in the boardroom and how it has been arranged. As this area is very central to your business – corporate customer meetings and important company decisions are mostly made in this area – the boardroom table’s location in the layout is very important. Our expert team can help you make the right choice for your boardroom table needs.

If you are looking for Australia wide delivery, you’ve come to the right place – Topaz can arrange delivery of your modern boardroom table in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart, ensuring that your workplace is equipped with a table that meets your needs perfectly. Choose from glass, melamine, laminate and solid timber boardroom tables today.

Finding the right boardroom table for your area can be difficult. Our CAD design team can provide you a custom boardroom table to suit your room at a surprisingly low cost. We are committed to providing high quality boardroom tables that reflect the desired image you have for your business, as well as clearly conveying that this space is where the magic happens.

Our customisation also extends to the features incorporated in the design, such as metal inlays, boardroom table power boxes and feature edging. This ensures that everything you might need during a meeting is at your fingertips.

Looking for a table that reflects your unique brand as well as delivers a professional look? We have a range of ultra modern and more traditional designs to choose from, ensuring that your desired look is achieved. Choose also from a wide range of materials, such as a timber veneer or melamine boardroom table, to ensure it complements furniture used elsewhere in the space.

For the utmost in elegance and luxury, we recommend solid timber boardroom tables for Australian offices. These sturdy pieces are able to withstand even the longest of meetings and will stand the test of time with ease.

We can deliver custom boardroom tables to businesses all over Australia – our diverse range of products is able to meet the demands of your business and your workplace in general. Visit us at our Melbourne head office to see our contemporary boardroom tables for yourself – you’ll find us at 129 Wedgewood Road in Hallam. Alternatively, you can drop into one of our other locations around Australia – Brisbane (57 Raubers Road, Northgate), Perth (14 Tecoma Circuit, Canningvale) or Darwin (5 Achernar Court, Woodroffe). We are proud to be a brand that customers around Australia know and trust.

What to look for in boardroom tables?

When it comes to choosing a table for your workplace, there are a number of things to consider. These include:

Ultra-modern or
traditional class

The first step in making your selection should be to determine whether you’re looking for more of a contemporary design or whether you’re sticking with a classical look. Modern boardroom tables show that you’re with the times, whilst classic boardroom tables evoke images of longevity.

Elegance and

Whether the boardroom is where the CEO meets with the managers and supervisors of the business or it’s where high profile client meetings take place, it’s important that the space oozes elegance and sophistication. By carefully considering the design of the table, you can achieve just that.

Complete organisation
and function

We can incorporate a number of boardroom table accessories that provide you with the utmost in function and organisation. Whether you need power boxes so that laptops can be plugged in or you want metal inlays to hold an array of stationary, we can make it happen with ease.

Ideal seating

It’s essential that you avoid overcrowding your boardroom table, as this can make everyone in attendance feel uncomfortable. For this example, If the length is 2400mm, you can expect to seat 8 people. If the length is 3600mm, you can expect to seat 12 people. We normally allow 750mm per person as a guide for space. Some common sizes are below for your reference.

SizeSeating capacity
1800 x 9006
2400 x 12008
3000 x 120010
3600 x 150012-14
4200 x 150014-16
5000 x 150016-20

What to Consider When Selecting a Boardroom Table

There are two reasons why your choice of custom boardroom table and chairs requires special consideration – not only is this where many of the important company decisions are made, it’s also where a lot of visitors (from clients to prospective employees) will form their opinions about you. Need help choosing boardroom furniture? The following tips should be helpful:

  • Size of the Room
    You need to ensure that the custom conference room table is proportionate to the size of the room, that everyone will be seated comfortably around it and that there is ample walking space when the chairs are pulled out. We generally recommend at least 3 feet of space as a minimum comfortable walking space around large round conference tables.
  • Maximum Number of People to be Seated
    There are many boardroom table sizes available; choose one that complies with the size of your company. If it’s too large, it’s only going to use up valuable space; whereas if it’s too small with minimal seating, it’s going to create a bad impression on visitors. As a general rule of thumb, a 6 foot long custom made conference table will seat 6 people (and so on).
  • Purpose of the Room
    Think about the primary purpose of your boardroom when choosing conference room furniture sets – is it mainly used for discussions and audio visual presentations or are more ceremonial events also conducted in the space? If it’s the former, you might need boardroom tables with data ports, whilst the latter could call for modern conference room tables.

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