Fliptop Tables

If activities in your workplace vary and you require versatility above all else, mobile flip top tables could be just the solution you have been searching for. Use them as a desk, a surface to spread out and organise, a place to gather for a meeting, or even casual dining – then, when you no longer need the flip top console table, simply fold the top down and roll them out of the way. They even nest together to save space!

Take advantage of Topaz’s Australia wide delivery service and ensure that your Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra or Hobart workplace is equipped with as many fliptop tables as you require. The great thing about these intelligent products is that they can be set up in different configurations quickly and easily.

Mobile tables come with locking castors, making them easy to move when required whilst ensuring that they won’t move around when you’re trying to work. Cable management is also an available feature of the flip top desks so the user can have power and data at their fingertips.

What sorts of areas can benefit from fliptop tables?

You will find that plenty of areas around the workplace can benefit from flip top office tables, including:


Ensure that your mobile conference table is never too large or too small for the group at hand. Pushing them together can help you to create a surface that is large enough for dozens of people to sit and converse. When a smaller meeting is held, simply roll some of them away.


For many workplaces, space is at a premium. This means that we don’t often have as much space as we would like for providing employees with a comfortable lunchroom. Easy fold tables can be used during the lunch hour, then put away for the afternoon to allow more space.


Sometimes, we have more employees then we do desks. Perhaps you’ve hired some extra help during a busy period or you have a lot of employees who normally work from home. Easy to fold tables can provide a place for these people to work and be put away when no longer needed.

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