Training Tables

Our modular training room tables have been constructed using only the highest quality materials available. We want to ensure that your purchase is long lasting and offers many years of durable use without issue. We have found that folding seminar tables are an excellent option for makeshift training areas, as they can be easily stored or moved when not in use. This reduces the need to manually shift heavy tables potentially resulting in a OH&S issue.

Thanks to our Australia wide delivery service, Topaz can ensure that workplaces throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart are equipped with the best training room tables on the market. No two training sessions are the same, so it’s important that the furniture you choose can be adaptable to any situation.

Although not used as often, you don’t have to settle for an unattractive table that doesn’t quite match your brand. With a range of attractive finishes to choose from, you can rest assured that there’s a mobile training table to suit your needs. The surfaces themselves are also quite durable – they’re impervious to spills, can be cleaned with ease and offer a sturdy writing surface.

What types of modern training tables do we offer?

To ensure that every situation is accounted for, Topaz has three different types of computer training table to choose from:

Fliptop Mobile

This is probably the most popular training room option available, as the tops can be folded down when the tables aren’t in use. They’re also mounted on castors, making them easy to move out of the way, and they nest together so that they don’t need as much storage space.

Modular Training

Known for being the most flexible and adaptable option available, these tables come in an array of shapes and sizes but fit together perfectly for easy layout reconfiguration. Popular configurations include full circles, semi-circles and even oval shapes so that no one is left out.

Folding Training

Like the other options, these tables allow for fast and easy reconfiguration of a room depending on the type of session being held. The legs are thin to allow for easy folding but are strong and sturdy. Once you’ve finished using the tables, you can simply fold them up and stack them out of the way.

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