Lunchroom Tables

When your employees go on lunch, it is important that they have a chance to get away from their desks and actually have a break. This is why the lunchroom is so important. By creating a comforting atmosphere, your employees will be able to relax and chat freely before returning to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Leaving them to eat at their desks can lead to feelings of exhaustion. The lunchroom can also be described as a breakout space for staff wishing to relax.

Select cafeteria tables in varying sizes so that employees can choose to eat alone or in a small group. Topaz has a wide selection of lunch tables to choose from, each of which can be delivered to workplaces Australia wide (including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart).

When choosing industrial lunchroom furniture, it is important to consider how the space is most commonly used. If most employees tend to only heat up their food before moving to other areas of the office, you would select different pieces than you would if employees regularly congregated in the kitchen to share meals. We can help you to select the most appropriate lunchroom tables for your needs.

Why should I choose specially designed lunchroom tables?

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t choose any old table for your lunchroom. These include:

Multiple shapes
and sizes

We offer lunch room tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rectangular to round, ensuring that they will slot perfectly into the available space (from a small corner to a whole spacious room). We also offer mobile and folding lunchroom tables so that they can be packed away when not in use.


As cafeteria style tables will come into contact with hot food and spills, it’s important that you have chosen durable materials that will stand up to these demands. This doesn’t mean that indoor and outdoor tables cannot look their best – choose from a wide range of premium materials, from laminate to timber.

Improving lunchroom

The right break room tables can help you to transform the office lunchroom into an upscale dining area. Encourage your employees to enjoy their breaks in the workplace, giving them ample opportunity to catch up over a cup of coffee or even hold an impromptu lunch meeting.

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