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    The open plan office workstations in your office play a vital role in the ambience and functionality that your company experiences, which is why we offer a range of premium open office workstation benches, screens and desk systems. Accommodating workplaces that are constantly evolving can be difficult but it is made easy with our multifunctional modular ergonomic corporate workstations.

    It is important when changing that the environment becomes connected and this can be enhanced by our collaborative workstation systems.We stock a diverse range of colours and features, from individual sit stand modular desk designs; to 120 degree office stations which promote privacy and team collaboration with configurable flexibility. Each piece is made with long lasting materials with a comprehensive standard warranty and easy assembly features for ease of use. 


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    Maximise workstation functionality and workflow

    Choose the right workstation design to better suit the needs of your staff and promote a collaborative working space, our range of multi person office workstation allows for over 6 staff members to be positioned for synergy between teams throughout the year. Configuring multiple office stations into a functional space, to also include privacy with desk partition screens help reduce noise levels and disruption to personal workflow while meeting individual deadlines. Cultivating a healthy work environment is one of the key design concepts found in each piece.


    Choose a customizable business workstation designs

    Our range features a diverse selection that caters to high end corporate offices and more relaxed start up environments that is line with the modern office. Each piece is designed to be customizable in layout, which can easily be integrated with corner desks or even sit stand adjustable desks to promote a more active workspace. Planning a design that is customized to your office space needs careful thought, consulting with a designer from our team, who can customize a design from concept to delivery; will promote a productive office that creates a positive atmosphere.


    Open plan and collaborative furniture

    We also specialise in the provision of aesthetically pleasing collaborative furniture and open plan workstations for offices which are the ideal choice for teams and departments that regularly need to work together.Integrate quiet spaces with collaborative desks and seating with modern design concepts to maximise collaboration and productivity. Your space can be arranged to seat as many or as few employees as required, from 4 person workstations to individual desk; ensuring that they are more productive and feel part of the space.

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