Office Workstations

The workstations in your office play a vital role in the ambience and functionality that your company experiences, which is why we offer a range of premium workstation benches, screens and desking systems. Accommodating workplaces that are constantly evolving can be difficult but it is made easy with our multifunctional modular ergonomic workstations. It is important when changing that the environment becomes connected and this can be enhanced by our collaborative workstation systems.



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Maximise functionality and workflow

Did you know that you can improve the functionality and workflow of your environment with a few careful manipulations? These seemingly simple elements (such as the industry in which you work, size of your company, layout of your commercial office workstation, screen heights, colour, storage space and furniture mobility) can have a big impact on the productivity of your employees.


Customisable workstation options

We can individually customise the layout and design of your commercial workstations, ensuring that they assist you in making important decisions. Are you sure your staff will fit? Why not get Topaz to space plan your office and provide a solution to your problem?


Create an optimal working environment

The office furniture workstation experts at Topaz are more than happy to provide you with all the advice and solutions you require for creating an optimal environment. Creating a new environment may not fix your problems but with good advice you will have a healthy office, so contact us today to find out how we can help.


Open plan and collaborative furniture

We also specialise in the provision of aesthetically pleasing collaborative furniture and open plan workstations for offices, which are the ideal choice for teams and departments that regularly need to work together. Your space can be arranged to seat as many or as few employees as required, ensuring that they are more productive and feel part of the space.

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