Two Person Workstation

If you have a tight workplace but need to fit in two employees, we have the perfect solution with our 2 person workstation desks. Each employee will have their own work area, with plenty of room for a computer and even some extra space for writing, filing and other activities. Employees can be placed side-by-side or facing each other with a screen between them for privacy. Our 2 person  computer desks are available in a variety of shapes, from standard rectangular and square to T and U-shapes. This ensures that each employee is provided with ample room.


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What are the benefits of 2 person desks?

These workstations offer a number of benefits, including:


When employees regularly need to work together, having adjoining workstations can allow them to do this with very little disruption. They won’t have to find another free space, they can simply put their heads together and get started.

Allows Individual

As each employee is given their own defined space, they will have plenty of room to spread out their notes and work on individual tasks. This is particularly true when screens have been used to divide the workstation.

Allows for

The way that our two person workstation desks have been designed ensures that there is plenty of space underneath for the addition of a low filing cabinet or caddy unit. Each employee will have access to ample storage.

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