4 Person Workstation

Gone are the days of the isolating cubicle – these days, we’re taking down the walls and opening up the lines of communication between employees with 4 person workstation furniture. Each employee will be provided with their own work area, with plenty of room for a computer and space for other activities. We have two configurations to choose from – the first sees employees sit side-by-side and facing another person (with a screen placed down the middle to provide privacy). The second is more of a cross shape with each desk butting up against each other and meeting in the middle (with screens placed in between).


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What are the benefits of 4 person desks?

These workstations offer a number of benefits, including:

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Open Plan

Knowing how to appropriately group employees in an   can be difficult. 4 person workstations, however, don’t need to be placed against the wall and provide each employee with ample space.


If you have opted for our long workstation option (where two employees sit side-by-side), you’ll find that they’re able to collaborate when needed and that they won’t get in each other’s way when working on individual tasks.


The use of four person workstations can actually help to facilitate flow in the office, as they’ll create clearly defined rows with walkways in between. The end result is a very organised and symmetrical looking space.

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