6 Person Workstation

Trying to fit all of your employees into the workplace can be a challenge, particularly if it’s a little on the small side. The use of 6 person workstation furniture could be just the solution you’re looking for, as it provides ample space without sacrificing on your valuable office space. We have three configurations to choose from – a long rectangle (with three people sitting either side separated by screens), a bone-shape (with two people at either end and four facing each other in the middle) and an anchor-shape (with six corner workstations arranged together).


What are the benefits of 6 person desks?

These workstations offer a number of benefits, including:

Space Saving

Trying to fit a large number of employees into a space, particularly when you’re going for more of an open plan look, can be challenging. 6 person workstations will prevent the feeling of working on top of each other.

Allows Storage

The design of these workstations ensures that there is ample space underneath for a filing cabinet or caddy unit. This ensures that each employee has access to the storage they need without having to leave the desk.

Allows Collaboration

Whether you want to group employees who work together regularly or an entire department, these workstations will ensure that each has their own space to work on individual tasks as well as ample opportunity to work together.

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