Corner Workstations

Ensure that your space is being used as effectively as possible with corner workstation desks. Their distinctive L-shape allows them to be placed right in the corner, with one side against the wall or in the middle of the room (depending on your needs and the best fit for the space).


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What are the benefits of corner workstations?

A number of benefits are associated with these workstations, including:

Under Desk Space

Corner desks offer far more space underneath than traditional ones, which can be used to store a CPU tower, an under desk pedestal or even a small printer/scanner unit. The user will also enjoy more foot room, which is perfect for taller users who aren’t normally able to stretch out.

Increased Surface Area

Whilst a rectangular workstation desk offers plenty of space, the user has to lean, stretch or move their seat to access it. A corner workstation eliminates this through the provision of wraparound space – simply swivel the chair and you have access to all the space you need.

Reduced Screen Glare

Excessive glare on computer screens can lead to eye fatigue and headaches (among other issues). A corner desk can help to eliminate these, as the monitor is never perpendicular or parallel to a wall – it always faces the opposite corner of the room, so it’s unlikely that windows will create glare.

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